Saturday, February 6, 2010

African, Handmade, Recycled Glass beads

The Papercraft workshop is just off Entebbe road about 10 km outside Kamapla. On first you are faced with quite a few dying racks for the handmade paper they craft to make notebooks, cards, and boxes. But, we went for their new feature; To see the large pile of broken glass get ready for the making of the first recycled glass beads produced in Uganda. We are Mzuribeads, producing Handmade recycled paper beads from the village of Ndejje, and in response to our customer requests, we spent the beginning of 2010 looking other handmade , recycled and fair trade, Ugandan beads.

Making the glass beads is a very delicate and difficult process. The process of heating and
moulding makes the glass beads very fragile and they often break. The Papercraft group have only began to make the glass beads as one of their products and it will take some time before the glass bead making process is entirely perfected. There are also a certain number of colours of glass beads, red for example, they cannot produce because some of the dye colours are not yet available in Uganda. But already the recycled beads they produce are amazing, and we are sure it won't be long before everyone will want more of these splendid, resourceful beads.
Check back soon to find out how they make the recycled paper, when we get their fabulous handmade cards in stock next month!
NOW you can see and buy them HERE at Mzuribeads store.

Please get in touch with any more information you might want to know about the group at Papercraft. Link to their website.

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