Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paper bead King presents THE BARKCLOTH BEAD

To bead or not to bead is simply not a question for Gateja.

We are very pleased to introduce you to the King of the Beads. He's taught the art of the Mzuri recycled paper bead to groups all over Uganda, developed the barkcloth bead, and the banana leaf bead...Furthermore, he is a fashion designer, one of Uganda's most extablished painters, and and gets commissioned for massive pieces he creates from glass beads.

...Seriously, we love this guy, he is
THE bead king.

Sanaa returned back to his homeland of Uganda in the 90’s after he established his own galleries, worked as a professional jeweller, arts manager, arts teacher, and so much more. He now lives just outside of Kampala on a scenic stretch of Ugandan soil, where he has delved deep into painting and a collection of interior decor, fashion and beads with his community art women's workshop named “Kwetu Africa”.

What makes Sanaa amazing is his talent to work with anything he gets his hands on, as you can see from the range of beads he has developed. Barkcloth is one of his favorite materials. It is made by beating sodden strips of the fibrous inner bark of trees into sheets. Alike the paper bead, it is cut into strips and rolled into form. Bellow we have pictured some barkcloth dyed, and lying out to dry. Sanaa in one of his fabulous Barkcloth jackets, and the glorious barkcloth beads themselves.

Bellow is pictured some of his BANANA LEAF, and COW HORN collection which we are pleased to have in stock.

...available for you to BUY NOW.

Sanaa has has also made the paper bead dress, and a paper bead door curtain, made from a range of recycled and natural Ugandan elements such as dyed maize (corn), and beads made from bark cloth and recycled paper Mzuribeads!....

Sanaa is one of the leading Ugandan designers working with Mzuribeads .


He also uses beads in his paintings, (and numerous large commissioned artworks for corporate and NGO buildings), not to mention the bags, belts, table mats, and so on. Bellow is a commissioned bead mural made for Golfing. It is truely magnificent.

To bead or not to bead is not a question for Sanaa, he wishes his workshop to become a bead haven.
We want to help Sanaa build his dream, and teach his creative skills and knowledge to the next generation of Ugandan artists. By buying Sanaa's fair trade, eco range of beads from OUR STORE, you are supporting him and the cooperative of women at Kwetu Africa.
Mzuribeads, Kwetu Africa is a sustainable businesses promoting environmental awareness and encourage recycling.

Please let us know if you are going to Uganda, and we can put you in touch with him (:

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