Sunday, March 7, 2010

Worlds Largest Recycled Paper Bead

Rollin Rollin Rollin...

I decided to attract some attention for Mzuribeads, by rolling an over sized, rather useless, but amusing gigantic paper bead.

As far as I have been informed this is
THE Worlds Largest Recycled Paper Bead.
I would love to make that official, but I have yet to meet anyone willing to sponsor me with the £400 fee charged by the Record Book folk.
So, you'll either have to challenge me, or just have to take my word for it (;

I rolled this in Botanical Gardens, Glasgow West End.

I first put together lots of magazine covers with clear sellotape.

I measured it 1.4metres across, and made it as tall as I had enough recycled paper for.

I then measured with string, and then cut a perfect triangle.

I then called in a friend, and began the rolling of the paper bead

We rolled, and we rolled
...making sure it was even on both sides and as tight as we could get it.

And, that was it!
Bellow is a picture of me and my brother, (Angus MacLean), with the finished 1.4metre recycled magazine paper bead.

I was pleased that a recycled paper bead could be made that large, and in a few hours.
But, it was too slim and the gaps between each layer were to wide.
I knew it would be more effective with a greater length to roll in,
(more paper to roll in would add to the thickness)

So, I went a little further... I collected some bus stop ad size posters, with thanks to, and head on out to my friends empty candle factory in Govan. ( ShearerCandles)
I did exactly the same thing as with the covers of the magazine in the first bead, and taped all the posters together, then cut out a perfect triangle.

Because of the length I made it, it took a loooong time to roll, and my arms started aching, but the result was a thicker bead.

This is me with the finished 1.2metre recycled paper bead.

Written and rolled by Kirstie MacLean

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