Monday, April 12, 2010

Paper Beading in Kampala

Back in Uganda...beading in Ndejje..

I arrived on on the 6th of April, and got straight to work the next . This was one of the first collection days with a only part of the Mzuribeads group. A collection day is simply when the women hand me the beads ordered, and I give them money in exchange. Collection days are always very exhausting for everyone. Not to get bogged down with detail, but the counting is a lengthy process, and each bead is increasingly more scrutinized for its symetrical and clean finish. And after reuniting with my Kampala chums last night, (no strangers to late night bars, and all night dancing),...I knew today would be tough (:

In the Bead hut we bead...

Often collection days leave me exhausted, but today's collection left me high and happy. The process was long, but I thoroughly enjoyed being around the women again. As business has begun to grow, we can see far more clearly problem areas, and ways to make the process easier and quicker.

I left Ndejje on a boda boda, (motorbike taxi) had the sun coming down on me whilst I reflected on the day. The day had me physically reminded about my passion for community arts and development, Why I started this business, and although it’s been slow progress, how amazing and lucky I am to be doing something creative, new, and ethical. It’s been a nice day.

Written By Kirstie MacLean

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