Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Jewellery for sale at Mzuribeads

Mzuribeads offer you a range of elegant, vibrant and individual pieces 
to add that extra special touch to your festive dresses or tops.
All items come gift wrapped in funky recycled magazine bag.
Make like an African queen this Xmas ...
and GO WILD with the coolest beads around.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mzuribeads a documentary for change

Film Documentary Fundraiser

My name is Kirstie Maclean, I am a 26 year ol
d female raised in Glasgow. In 2006 I founded Mzuribeads, a fair trading business working with jewellery and bead makers in the urban villages of Uganda. The business has grown from strength to strength and we now stock many stores in the UK and worldwide. In January 2011, I intend to produce a documentary with a Glaswegian producer named Martin Clark. The main purpose of this short film will be to promote awareness of our work, the importance of fair trade, and to attract further interest and funds for a larger sustainable arts platform we have planned. Please find some further details of the proposed, and email should you like further info and the storyline for the film documentary.

Who is filming? KIRSTIE MACLEAN
Myself...I am 26 year old female, raised in the West end of Glasgow. Educated at Kelvinside Academy, and prematurely left higher a degree in Community Education to invest into Mzuribeads. The business now supports itself. Nevertheless, although my expenses are covered and I earn commission from wholesale orders, I rely on casual work to support myself. My dream is to see the Mzuribeads cooperatives taking full control of their businesses. Showing that innovate ideas and hard work can grown a respect for local materials and talents. Setting the pace for self sufficient programs that result in long term development for the communities involved. After Mzuribeads I have plans to establish a larger supporting funding umbrella for similar creative and educational grassroots projects. MARTIN CLARK
My friend, Laura Frame introduced me to Martin after he gave a on his work to her class at The Glasgow school of Art. At this time Martin was completing his first film project abroad, and showed a keen interest in Mzuribeads, and a filming in rural Uganda. After getting to know Martin and viewing his work, I believe his style to be suitable to interview style documentary proposed and look forward to

Why a film documentary?


Video footage will effectively illustrate the skillful making of the colorful recycled paper beads and the working/living conditi
ons of the producers in Uganda. The interview style will show an honest and personal account of the running of a grassroots project.

I have contacts with colleges and schools around the UK and beyond that will use the film to promote the use of sustainable materials and the importance of fair trade. The video will be distributed to these contacts, and more educational bodies will be contacted. I have been invited to talk at schools and colleges, and will be doing my first workshop/talk about the business in the jewelry department of the Metropolitan college early December. On completion of the documentary I personally aim to deliver and talk alongside showings at schools and colleges.


In February a 2011 a ‘Beyond Bead’ design competition will go out to art schools and colleges. The design brief, will encourage artists to submit an idea for an art piece to be incorporating the beads. Proposals we be accepted from any discipline, fashion, architecture, sculpture, etc. The winners will showcase their work alongside the first screening of the film documentary at Che Camilles in August 2011. We will push for features in the local publications that have previously taken an interest in the Mzuribeads and myself, and invite larger press attention.

What do we need?

We require £5000 for the film to be produced and directed by Kirstie MacLean, Martin Clark and a sound technician.
Travel - flights and hire car - £2,000 Expenses - film reels, insurance, accommodation, safety, food - £1,000 Wages for Ugandans assistants - £1,000 Basic wage to cover editing time - £ 1,000

When do we need it?
The film is scheduled to be filmed on the 12th January, 2011 - 22nd January, 2011. Editing will take 3-4 months, and ready for first screening August 2011.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to read our proposed film doc, we now ask for you to kindly make a donation via Paypal, or email info@mzuriwomen for details on forwarding payment in any other method.

And if you would like the chance to win a Christmas gift hamper of candles, jewellery and chocolates, please forward the number of beads you believe were used to make THIS BEADED DRESS.
The nearest estimated amount WINS
Send donation

& name with number of beads

Competition opened to midnight 16th December.


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Saturday, November 6, 2010

christmas gifts & bead specials

Check out our Crimbo Specials

Christmas bead combo's

- Kits you out to make the perfect pieces for your festive parties.

- The perfect compliment for all your festive gifts this Christmas.

Bring smiles and fun times with these Ugandan goodies this Christmas.

Mzuribeads for one and all, these packs will have you well and truly prepared Christmas.

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