Friday, December 10, 2010

Mzuirbeading with Glasgow students

Mzuribeads Design Workshop
 by Kirstie MacLean

On the 1st of December I was invited to the Metropolitan College in Glasgow, to deliver a talk about Mzuribeads and our products to mark the beginning of the non precious segment of the Jewellery department course work. As the Metropolitan is a very hands on practical college, the course tutors/jewelers, Euan McWhirter and Pilar Agueci had welcomed my idea to turn the talk into a workshop. 

The workshop was held from 9.30 - 12pm and started out with a quick intro round and some wake up/ guess materials games.  I then presented a slideshow and talk on Mzuribeads, our ethical bead company and introduced our full range of eco friendly, fair traded beads all handmade by the village producers I work with in Uganda. 

Everyone then had their chance to roll their own recycled paper beads, and create some funky and abstract group sculptures with the full range of barkcloth, banana leaf, cow horn and recycled glass beads I brought along.  I do feel the most inspiring part was for the group to see the beads used on my contemporary collection of jewellery, named 'My Little Mudhut', sold locally at Nancy Smillies, Glasgow.

 Above is pictured myself with one of my pieces from the

Above is pictured the Glasgow jewellery design students trying it on.
Above course tutor Pilar Agueci trying on the white recycled paper bead dress designed by Ugandan artist and designer, Sanaa Gateja.

I enjoyed myself and loved communicating to fellow creatives, and would simply love to be asked to talk again and given the chance to deliver a workshop again. 
I can be contacted at

I would like to thank the Metropolitan college, the tutors for inviting me and students for their participitation. 

Special thanks to Sarah Jane Judge, science communicator and founder of Cafe Sci for her energy filled intro games, filming the workshop and ongoing support.
Above is pictured a piece designed by Jeweler design tutor at the Metropolitan college,  Euan Mcwhirter.  His collection is now available to purchase at Che Camilles, Glasgow, where you will also find our Mzuribead, recycled paper beads in a collection designed by Johari, Kenya.

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