Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back to the beadin village

Today I came to Ndejje by Matatoo and grabbed cassolli, (boiled maze) for breakfast on the way. The transport cost me 2,000 Ugandan Shillings, but this only takes you to Zana district, and I had to walk a good ten mins to reach Ndejje, and finally to the home of Edith Namanda, (our Mzuribeads Ugandan head of opperations).  She welcomed me with a big smile, and showed me around all the improvements to her area and compound since i was last here.  A new water pump, lots of new neighbouring homes, better roofing and planning of her family amenities. However, the improvements were not the only reasons for Ediths big grin, she has just become a grandmother! Ediths son now has a wife and child which are now pleasantly located  in the new build next Ediths.  He is still involved in construction, and work is 'somewhat ok', which usually means a little bit closer to consistent contracts.  So, once Edith had fully presented me her current pride and joy, she showed me a room for rent behind their home.  It was a small, very modest little private nook, which I decided will suite me well.  I will have to share a communal family bathing and toilet area, and I will be pleased to live close and within her family and the community .....and only pay a monthly rent of £17 a month (:  I move into the room tomorrow night with a my laptop and flash light (:
Back in the beading hut, Edith and I discussed the future and plans for me work here. She was nearly in tears of joy when I discussed the plans for us to find a sponsor for her trip to the Uk and the chance to apear and present her work  at an International show, such as the Scottish Bead Fair.  

She was also very happy about the £25 we have so far raised for Mzuriseeds, the garden project.  It is the dry season right now, but I will be visiting Mabel, (the garden pro), later this week to start plans and understanding of what we should start to grow in each season, etc.  Local boy, little Benedict (who's mother died last time I was here) has grown and is looking healthy.  It seems he has been very lucky that Edith has taken him in and he is now very much part of the family. Another friend of Ediths has come into unfortunate financial situation and has had to leave to working in the quarries of Entebbe.  Edith has kindly taken in her daughter, she is 16, and in need of the funds from her mother to pay her school fees....we are all crossing her fingers that the money will be there before the term starts in 2 weeks time.  Either way, she is grateful to have been welcomed, accommodated, fed and happily pulls her weight with house chores, alike all of Ediths children.... I guess she'd be in the quarries also, if it wasn't for the goodness of Edith and her family /:

Other news, Mama Change, another beader, has given birth to another healthy babe.  I will meet with the other beaders later next week.  I don't wish for us to meet for a long hot, boring meeting on this occasion.  Orders have been many, and tricky last year....we have all been working extremely hard.  I have decided we will throw a party, a 'Well done/Happy New Year party', and I am looking forward to it.

Pics coming soon as I get some electricity flow into my little Ndejje hideout (:

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