Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jewellery bead workshop

Midweek Creating & Making 
This morning Mzuribeads had a jewellery workshop.  
Learning how to secure new clasps and fastenings on their paper bead necklaces... Improving quality and appearance (:

Mama Chage
Later Mzuribeads packed some trade orders, going out to Italy and Russia.  
We are happy to see the beads travel and be used globally.
We have also found banana leaf fibre to not only make fab beads, but great packaging.  Light in weight, attractive, very similar padding, and far more ethical than bubble wrap.

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  1. will the banana leaf be accepted in every country ? I know for example that countries like Australia are very difficult about letting any type of plant material over their borders. Have you had any experience like that ?

  2. Hi Linda, sorry we missed your comment. We sell these to Australia all the time. They are not considered a threat because they have no seeds or alive,etc.
    very sorry for the many years delay in replying!