Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mzuribeads update from Ndejje

Notes from Collection day and my New office.

Mzuribeads having been tackling the wholesale orders, whilst I have made myself a good office space and workspace.  I have recently taken big changes in how the women now complete and order. In short they are becoming even closer to the customer, increasing quality, and understanding greater the idea of shared responsibility, project management, and Google docs! 
  Although, we are coming far, I am still to divide my time on working amongst the group, sourcing new and improved materials, and doing numerous tests and samples, sales, training, internal system management, customer relations, and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on...

I am still managing to get some photography done for a fashion designer, and keep producing my own collection, My Little Mudhut.  Plus making some super new, big and bold pieces for a couple of fashion shows coming up.  Watch this space for lots of creations which will go on display.
 My new office space (:
The election day is tomorrow, here in Kampala, and I know a good few in hope of change.  Personally, the idea of peace being most appealing, having dived head first into work on arriving 3 weeks back.  Nevertheless, inspired by the recent Arabic revolutions across the globe, it would please me greatly to see Ugandans challenging Museveni, and opening the eyes  of all the Ugandans whose vote has been pushed by the false; "I brought you peace" claim.  Here's hope for the future of democracy.

Kirstie Maclean 
Director Mzuribeads

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