Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mzuriseeds - everyone should start the day with a hoe!

Hoe No!
Garden plans, 
painful hands
And many yams..

This mornings plans were peaceful computer sales all the way through till lunch.  So to my new officespace I went from 6am....until the sound of digging disturbed my ears.  Edith and her daughters were standing about in a nearby garden with their hoes and yams, ready to plant.  I immediately put on my running gear, (this is the only outfit I have apart from a small selection of loose dresses and jeans, which I really need to do something about...)  and off I went.....Eagerly grabbed a hoe and began to assist.  
Now, when Edith mentioned a while back that she goes 'digging' on a Saturday, I used to giggle to myself ....The fact that it is a world apart from the glamorous Mzuribeads ... The laugh is now on me! ...I have three large boiling hand blisters, a burnt nose, intense back pain, and still experiencing nausea. Non of which I  shared amongst the group.. I saved my painful groans for my room /:
Nasari at work
A Planted Yam

Despite, the sheer agony of this exercise, I was glad to help, I will in future need gloves, and a week off work to recover.  And although I appreciate this was a healthy workout...for regular exercise, I believe I will stick to my short morning runs.. 
...clearly my shoes can't cope(: haha
Plans are in motion for the money so far made by MzuriSeeds to begin to assist the garden.  For anyone, who wishes to donate, your help is much needed, and regular updates will be coming your way. 

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