Thursday, March 24, 2011

More village tales..eyeball soup coming up!

One tasty eye ball soup, 
one fabulous Ndejje day.. 

My experience in Uganda so far has always contained these small bursts of  illness.  I'm not referring to the three horrendous episodes those tiny winged bloodsucking badboys tried to kill me off (almost successfully) with their malaria madness.  But these random unexplained drowsy periods, occasional vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, and so on.  All so mysteriously short lived...For example, I can go out for a run, eat something, feel fabulous, then all of a sudden feel drugged, loose control of my legs to the point I have to lie down, sweat and stress about getting myself to the nearest clinic .. Then find myself five minuets later on my way to energetic as before ....wondering, what the heck was that all about?  Here, so many illnesses are left unexplained... empty, and I think that's where many take the opportunity to colour it in with a little easy, old witch doctor/voodoo tale.  But, seriously, I reckon its a combination of my body not being strong enough for village living and the fact that so much grows, and spreads here so rapidly....
Anyway, when a rapid vomit hit me the other day, following a small boda boda accident and a chorus of baby wailing, I decided to take a day break.
So I decided to go off to check out the new Serena hotel on this side of town, overlooking lake Victoria.  It was like Barbies palace, an Oasis at the end of long dusty road.  Totally lacking in atmosphere, as are most of these surreal settings ; A bizarre building of enormous grandeur in the middle of a typical quite, Ugandan suburban off road area.  Anyway, it was just what I needed, to be left alone, silent on a terrace with a cool beer.  Over looking lake V...
And the retreat worked.  I returned to Ndejje, in which I proudly call home, fully recharged and eager for plenty more dust and diarrhoea...

This morning, fully productive.  I trained new mother Joelia on direct email marketing.  She was soo eager to learn, and cant wait to continue this work, which has pleased me greatly.  I know she would rather be on the computer than beading.  Baby Nina lay quietly beside her throughout...
 I did a whole bunch of interviews for the documentary trailer, and refueled on some good solid Ugandan grub.. matoke (sour banana) and gnut sauce. ...which I like very much, but had those tiny little fishes in it.. you know the ones that have massive eyes, and microscopic bodies, so the thing looked like eye ball soup. 
But I got passed that, closed my eyes and enjoyed them for their no doubt salty, protein filled goodness.
Later we finished the afternoon by completing a large wholesale order.  The day couldn't have ended better, as everyone went home with wages = a big smile.

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