Monday, March 28, 2011

Uganda - The Arts

This weekend was full of fun.  On Friday I picked up our new trade posters.  The posters are for our wholesale customers who own a physical bead store...  So here they are on our workshop wall. 
Tomorrow we collect our stickers for our bead bags (:
Saturday we went with my friend Nahida Bhegani's, owner of Kanaya(ad agency), and the funky Tshirt producing Definition, (who we aim to collaborate in a new production space/workshop and office with), to look at spaces on the rental market. 
Nahidas' parents are the owners of the delightful Masindi hotel....And on Sunday I went round to the family house to find them packing a beautiful heard of soap stone animals for the hotel store.

At lunch time we all headed off, (with possibly the most fearless and speed demon driver in Kampala..Mrs Bhegani), to a new gallery opening called Mish Mash... a family atmosphere containing a mix of dancing, art,  fashion and more.   The selected rainbow colour banners around the compound suggested a hint of gay pride, which we excitingly pondered over.  Stella (a fashion design we often collaborate with) and Sanaa Gatega (our barkcloth bead supplier/artist) both put on a great show.  However, the layout and schedule did not allow the event to reach its full potential. But as a first event, the turnout was impressive. 
Keiga Dance group preforming in the gallery compound
 Stella Atal backstage with models and collection
Peter Corey with his recycled glass bead jewellery.. 
who we are looking to be a new Mzuribeads supplier

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