Monday, November 24, 2014

Can't wait for this bead trip to begin!!

Dear fans and lovers of Mzuribeads,

My name is Eleni and I am a part of the Mzuribeads family. Today I am writing to you from Edinburgh in Scotland, sitting in a cosy deli cafe near the Botanic Gardens and the Water of Leith river, making the most of a misty and dark day in the Scottish November.
What's exciting around, and I can't keep it to myself, is that I'm soon to land in the heart of Mzuribeads, Uganda!!! I will visit and stay with the inspiring Mzuribeads women in their production hub in Ndejje. It is definitely going to be a special and different Christmas for me and my fellow traveller, Angus, and I can't help imagining what it's going to be like! The colours of the earth, the fruit, the nature, the food, the heat, the sunrise and sunsets, the people! So much to look forward to and be surprised with!

But let me first introduce my self:)
I come from a vibrant, busy city of Greece, Thessaloniki and I have now lived in Edinburgh for a bit over 5 years. Here, I have worked for different community projects. Currently I support young homeless women and I offer counselling in a service for adult carers.
Life brought me here, to this bonnie capital of the North, while following my instincts and passion for new experiences and self-growth. And very soon I came across Kirstie and Angus, and of course...Mzuribeads.

Even though never before did I have a special 'thing' about beading and crafting, there was certainly 'something' about these beads (and these folks!). They are just so vibrant, colourful and stylish! The beads are simply amazing even to hold and look at! I quickly felt very creative and inspired around them. I started buying Mzuribeads to make my own jewellery designs that prove to be a head-turner. **If you ask me, my favourite ones will be the classy, juicy jumbos in vibrant colours and of course the bold barkcloth bead for the bold lady, please! **

Now having become a member of the Mzuribeads board of volunteers, I decided this year to fill up my stocking with an amazing Ugandan trip and, what else, a bag of beads! My excitement is definitely high for a trip to the birthplace of such an inspiring community enterprise such as Mzuribeads. And, please, let me share some of that with you!

Eleni @Mzuribeads

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Read more about Mzuribeads and our beautiful people on Our Story!

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