Monday, December 8, 2014

A single week is too long!

Only one week today and that's me and Angus off to Uganda.

...While Angus is feeling super cool and confident about this trip - he's known the women for many many years after all and lived in Uganda a lot.

Angus enjoying a photoshooting session, showing off his photography skills. 

...Somewhere, in a different universe, far far away, you see the excited yet clue-less Ugandan-newbie. Me!         
Posing with one of my creations...and this is as pretty as it gets for me
So! Back-pack is out from the top wardrobe shelf  the same as my summer clothes - which I admit to love using again so soon! 
Sunblock - check! Flip flops - check! Charming camera looks - check!

How about you come closer and get a glimpse of our favourite must-go stops of this trip!

* Landing in Entebbe airport on Monday, not too far from the Ugandan capital.

* First stop, of course, Ndejje. Straight to the workshop, the Mzuribeads production hub where your beads are made from scratch to the mzuribeads standard. Will I give it a go with some bead rolling? You just have to wait and see! (anyone else nervous beading next to the pro's?)

* Kampala. Can I get to the markets where Mzuribeads materials are sourced, please? I'm informed Owino market, whether or not the biggest in Africa, will surely be a Wonderland even for the most experienced and skilful market-lover (aka Alice). I'm definitely holding a big basket for this!

* Meeting local artists and artisans! Why not re-connect with old friends and partners of Mzuribeads as well as reach out to new friendships and collaborations? In Mzuribeads we have all been sharing a passion for community enterprise and inspiration. It's important to us to feel part of an empowering community of people in business, fashion, art and social expression! 

* Okay, one word. Vincent. I cannot imagine a trip to Uganda without visiting the most mysterious of all Mzuribeads artisans, who is no other than the exclusive maker of our fabulous, unique and shiny cow horn beads collection! If I'm lucky enough, I might get a selfie too, who knows? :)

* Country travelling. Hey, what's best than road traveling in getting to know a country and its people? 
So let your imagination unravel and follow our trip to the land of Mzuribeads

Next, blogging from Uganda! Hope to see you there :)


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