Monday, December 29, 2014

Soda and tears

Monday 29th December 2014

Angus and Eleni last day in Ndejje and Uganda. Last day of such a rich trip in  the heart of Mzuribeads. Camera memory and our own both are full of pictures and experiences.

The morning we decided to go early in town, before the traffic and heat kick in. I cannot go without buying few gifts. Very conveniently one of the known coffee shops in Kampala are right opposite the crafts market. I didn't waste my opportunity to indulge in a cup of fresh cafetier coffee! I even got to choose my preferred ugandan coffee variety out of a few! 

Back to Ndejje, most women were around Edith's to send us off and do some bead rolling.
Angus filmed the last interviews and soon heavy rain caught up. Pauline and Theopista off to collect their washing while the rest remained to work.

Days passed so quick yet time felt moving slowly. Busy bees as we were we decided to treat ourselves to a swim and a sunbathe on Sunday . And on Saturday night...what else than a night out in one of the clubs in the capital! Florence and Prossy joined the company and taught us some new moves while shaking to Ugandan tunes! 

Today Edith had a big lunch ready for us all and cheered on our last sodas. The little ones played till drop with me and Angus and goodbyes weren't easy.

There is so much to take in and reflect from my Ugandan trip that time is essential as much as a luxury back to Edinburgh life. 
But as I say my goodbyes in Ndejje, please, allow me say, you vibrant women of Mzuribeads, thank you loads for your hospitality, your positive energy & warmth, your patience and most important your hot sense of humour that made our time colourful and easy and offered us a home for these two weeks! 

See you all soon!!

Edinburgh crew is off! :)

P.s. special thanks to Flora and Prossy for the sweet and warm words they left in our diaries and for letting us in the house the late evenings with a big smile :) we'll miss you too!
Harriet thank you so much for your beautiful gift (Harriet made a handwoven straw bag for me). I feel privileged to have it!

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