Friday, December 19, 2014

Stay calm and keep beading

Wednesday 17th December 2014

Second day in Ndejje and beading materials came out! The workshop is set up for the day, team is starting on new colours and I'm getting my first beading lesson! I'll make my first Mzuribead! :)

I have also bought a dress from the local boutique as my luggage is still "treasured" by the air-carriers, unknown its whereabouts. Yesterday, I almost thought I woke up as a mythical creature: my bottom half was clothed like 'Angus'...wearing his walking trousers and boxer shorts, and my top half was still a worn off version of myself, 'Eleni' well worn into my only vest top. Two things I have learned from this experience so far;
1. I can survive on less stuff than what I travel with.
2. Men's underwear are actually comfy!

Anyway, back to the workshop, I sat next to Sarah who was my patient tutor and ready to show me the art of the recycled paper bead rolling. In the picture below you can also see Edith with her ruler, measuring and marking the coloured paper which is the material beads are made of. Harriet started cutting off stripes for the bead rolling to begin. She then proceeded to measure and mark the materials for jumbo size beads, I think. Sarah and Pauline were rolling beads. And me of course! I actually scored 26 green dodo beads and a single bicone bead...An embarrassing time comparing my efforts to the numbers of beads the rest of the team managed to roll. I'm still proud of myself, wondering who is going to get the beads rolled off my skillful hands :)

Rolling the beads feels quite an addictive and relaxing experience, sharing with the rest of the group and be on your own at the same time. However, it's quite tiring for the eyes for the inexperienced one like me. It's like you get absorbed in the rolling routine; trying to achieve a balanced and unique effect, bead by bead. 

Hold your pin, roll the base tight and neat, keep rolling and correcting the sides, then glue the tip and roll the edge to stick smooth and firm. Get the bead off the pin and start over with the next stripe. 

Curious that I am, I wanted to know the favourite type of Mzuribead of each woman in the team. Sarah likes the omos, Pauline the dodos and Edith the simbas! Harriet stated that she likes them all, and I don't blame her. It's hard to choose a Mzuribead, don't you think?
As for me, it's the jumbo beads! And the whole team burst in laughter at the sound of this. It turns out is one of the hardest to roll. And they promised I can have a shot at it!

I am now looking forward to catch a glimpse of the raw beads, such as the barkcloth and banana leaf! And also what the next stage of making the beads is going to be! Watch this space...

For now let me say...Webale Nyo
(Thank you) for reading our blog!

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