Friday, December 26, 2014

The Artist, The Entrepreneur, And The Business Woman

Today has been a busy busy day for your Mzuribeads volunteers in Uganda.
Boxing day and the city feels substantially calmer. Traffic is less and we're moving around relaxed and easy. 

Angus and I woke up early to make it to the workshop of Vincent's, which I have been so much looking forward to!!Vincent is no other than our exclusive cowhorn beads maker in Mzuribeads, since 2008. Even though I'd always been a fan of Vincent's work, he was so friendly and genuine that he's so won me over again. I have lots to share about our meeting and so I'll save it for a special blog edition. However, I want to say how lucky we are to be shown to his workshop today and have this unique opportunity to meet, catch up and learn more about his art. As in one of my first blogs, I was also lucky enough to get my selfie! Check us out! :)

Next stop, we met with Nahida who is a young entrepreneur in Uganda, a good friend and old partner of Mzuribeads. Nahida and her sister Nadia have established DEF.I.NI.TION, one of the leading local businesses on contemporary printed on T-shirts, jewellery and fashion items, promoting local artists and makers. 
Nahida was very generous with us, sharing some of her business experience in Uganda and helping us catch up on updates and opportunities for expanding locally our business and partnerships. 
Angus and Nahida here outside the DEF.I.NI.TION shop in Acacia Mall in Kampala. Awesome!

Last but not least, me and Angus made it to Mildred's house 10 minutes from the centre of Kampala to meet her and her daughter Ruth. Mildred has been one of the very first women who formed Mzuribeads back in 2006. Mildred now is a lot more than a partner and member of the business, she is close to family and a person who shares so much of Mzuribeads journey up-to-date. We caught up on all that we missed of each other since Angus had last been in Uganda, moments, developments, personal updates. We were hosted with such a warmth and treated to beautiful lunch, as Ugandans tend to do since we arrived last week:) 
In the photo see us three posing outside her house! Mildred, may we see each other again! (as I'd have wished in my mother tongue)

 As for us, we're finishing our short report for the day and going to enjoy a cold local beer staring at the beautiful colours of the sunset:)

See you soon


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