Thursday, December 18, 2014

Welcome to Ndejje!!

Tuesday 16th December 2014

We arrived in Ndejje Tuesday midday: me, Angus and Angus' luggage. My luggage is left in airtrans limbo and never made it to Entebbe airport. I keep surprisingly calm despite the circumstances and carry on. 

We get off the matatu, the local taxi transport, on the main road from Entebbe to Kampala, just off Ndejje. it's pretty hot but thankfully not like the Mediterranean summer heat. It seems like there is million things happening around me. I notice three things. The earth. Red and dusty. Earthy! The sky is light blue. And the boda-bodas! The very popular, as it seems, mopeds which are practically everywhere.

Edith, the Mzuribeads project manager, is coming to meet us. It feels so unreal I'm here. Yet so familiar from all the stories I've heard from Angus and Kirstie over these few years I know MzuribeadsEdith took us to her home and soon four of the Mzuribeads women joined us for a very warm welcome. I had my first Ugandan meal cooked by Edith, beef in tasty sauce, rice, yummy sweet potato and cassava, an unusual one for my taste puds.
Already earlier I had the most tasty banana I ever had and mellow and juicy pineapple. And that's as to the gastronomic aspect of things.

We had sodas to cool down and presents for the women. And there between the joy of unwrapping presents and the cooling effect of passion fruit soda, Mzuribeads people got together to discuss their enterprise, where we are and were we want to be in the future. 
But let me save some for my next blog:) need to get ready for some clothes shopping and tasting of local nightlife!

See you soon


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