Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Mzuribeads A-Fair!

Great news!!!

Are you a committed beader, you live in Scotland and you haven't bumped into Mzuribeads for a while?

Well, this news is for you! 

Mzuribeads are making their come back in the... 

This Sunday 1st of March
Where else, in Perth, Scotland 

Get your basket ready, sharpen your imagination and put the beader's hat on because it ain't gonna be an easy business! 
There's lots of colourful Barkcloth, Recycle Paper all sorts of shapes and sizes, and of course Vincent's Cow horn! Whether you want to pick n' mix Or up for our pre-selected inspiring mixes, the Mzuribeads crew will have something just right for you, so not to worry!

Just relax, come by our stall, and enjoy your bead trip to Uganda! 

Can't wait to see you this Sunday in Perth!

Eleni & Angus

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