Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Real Life

It's a real picture in Uganda. Life exposed  bare on the streets and outside homes. Life is full of sounds and smells and it never gets boring. The screams and running of children, the deep base as bobby wine sings from the radios and the constant smell of Matoke cooking on charcoal stoves.  

You walk down Ndejje rd on a dry day, if you invertantly  take your eyes away from the road ahead of you for just a second, you can suddenly be faced with a boda boda motorcycle with 30 chickens attached coming straight at you at 30 mph. When it's a wet day, the volcanic red roads turn into a mud bath and its a real test to dodge the cars,vans and trucks. They don't slow down and they expect you to move. It's a vast place, the urban village of Ndejje, and  it never seems to take a breather. With the dust flying and constant going and coming of human and vehicle traffic, you always look for a quieter street. 

When you find that street, you can really see the beauty of life around. Neighbours are conversing and helping each other with food and child care. Very quickly you understand that every family member has their role and it is really important to give and help out. The stories that are missing around the world from Ugandan life is all the fun and enjoyment families are having. The children without toys find things and others to play with. When they have to bathe, eat or sleep, they don't complain. The baby's often cry when being washed but the parents or siblings don't pander to them. It often feels like a smooth  running clock that never stops. 

The fun and enjoyment comes from hope and being happy with life. There is not the impatience  for the latest phone or movie. Life is simpler and concentrates on needs and relationships. The heat and humidity plays its part, people move at a slow pace. The food, focusing on starches, is very heavy and makes you sleepy after lunch. It takes you a while to get into the swing of Ugandan life but through your visit or longer stay, it is one enjoyable ride.

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