Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A bead-love story...when a Mzuribead met the Cow Horn

Maybe the Valentine's has gone and passed. But for us the romance queens it's never late to celebrate a good bead-love story. 

And for Mzuribeads company things haven't been the same again since women met Vincent and his craft! It was only in 2008 that our now established Cow Horn bead was just intoduced in our bead family and it almost feels like it's always been part of it.

Vincent was accidentally found by Kirstie, Mzuribeads co-founder, in the local markets in Kampala and immediatley thought "We've got to have these beads"! And Vincent never gave it a second thought and straight on joined our brand. And ever since he has been thoughtfuly crafting in his workshop all these fantastic shapes out of recycled cow horn, with all his passion and devotion to our customers.

In December I was also there! In Uganda, in the narrow aisles of the market, half lit, we were surrounded by the big raw cow horn, the dust from the worked horn, the tools, the machines; unfinished shapes, waiting to be polished; his award and other designs he sells in venues in Kampala and abroad. That was Vincent's workshop. 

I was amazed to think I was there, having used his beads in so many of my designs, but never really known much about him or his art. 

Vincent met us on the main road, and welcomed us like we were old friends (even though he'd seen us for first time). He took us to his workshop, which would take a lot of luck if I was to locate on my own :) He talked us through the process of making the beads, step by step. Did you know it takes an average of an hour to cut, shape, polish and finish a single cow horn bead? Oh yes! The smaller the bead the harder it gets! So, please, treat every small cow horn bead with extra care :) We also found Vincent's favourite beads are the medium sized ones, neither too small nor too large. Hmm...it reminds me of the ancient greek philosophers who found perfection in modesty and moderation! Quite wise! 

But hold on a second! Are you also curious to hear about Vincent's work? Then...why don't you listen to what he's got to say by yourself! Angus has used his skills to put the audio and pics together in a short video on youtube and it's now ready to be reached by all you!! 


As for my meeting with Vincent, all I can say is: it was one of my top three best experiences in Uganda! :) See you again!

Eleni@Mzuribeads <3

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