Saturday, July 18, 2015

Have you Ever Googled Yourself?

Have you ever, in all honesty? Well I googled not myself today but my other identity, of Mzuribeads!

I scrolled down past our website, Facebook and blogspot (obviously) and suddenly I entered a time capsule. An entire collective history of our vibrant team on the world wide web; past events that Mzuribeads hosted or guest starred in; our new partners at the time that are now key members in the team; the women, these vibrant ever busy women who create the fabulous Mzuribeads with their hands; when the Cowhorn and glass beads joined the Mzuribeads family; Kirstie living in Ndejje and her exhibition full of unique creations;  photos of beads and jewellery; colours; Uganda.
So strange! Everything trapped in this invisible space.

I kinda missed that place. Angus my witness (because he is my god:), I never though I'd say least not that soon.

For you who haven't read our blog earlier this year, I paid my first visit in Uganda last Christmas, in Ndejje, in this diverse and full of challenges for my sensations place. But I would actually love to visit again. How soon I don't know. But as soon as it is possible to realise this trip again. 

Is anyone up for it? Yes, that's right! You're welcome to join us in this colourful trip. 
Uganda and Mzuribeads never run out of jobs to do or
 inspiration! Interested in beads, handmade, ethical, eco trade, photography or film making, marketing or advertising, community work or ethnology, professional or amateur, there's something for everyone. 

For me, it's about that unique experiencing of a place so richly diverse that you almost get to re-discover myself. New environment, new experiences, new self. 

Have a think ;)

Until next time,

The Misindi Falls

Stoney my fav!

The Christmas dinner

The Markets

...and the beads

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