Friday, July 10, 2015

Making Social Change

Making Social Change

Mzuribeads is in its 10th year of operation in 2015, making handmade, unique and ethical beads. The group of artisans, based in Uganda, have gone through many changes, but the need for the work is greater than ever. MZURIBEADS is only one of the many inspirational projects moving away from charitable aid, and onto the concept of business enterprise for sustainable income and development. The beads have been sold all around the world, through shops and online platforms. The beads that the groups make, are a fair price, and enable families to generate enough income for food and school fees. 

School fees are on the increase and so are food prices. In Uganda with no universal health care or any local government support for families, it is a struggle to find enough on a day to day basis. In Europe, we now are watching large and powerful countries enforce austerity and poverty on Greece. The IMF is part of the troika in Europe, but also is the global organisation that ensures Uganda never can get out of debt. 

We hope our Mzuribeads platform will have a positive impact on local communities. By including people from all walks of life, we aim to create new challenges and opportunities. We believe people enjoy having the power to change an environment or system, should they wish to. This inspiration will hopefully generate talent, ideas and social change. 

Mzuribeads would like to thank all the volunteers that have contributed over the years. Without the enthusiasm and time given by so many people, Mzuribeads would not be around today. 

Mzuribeads is registered as a community non governmental organisation in Uganda. We are also a non-profit business registered in Scotland. All the staff in the UK are volunteers. We currently are recruiting for many different roles that can be found on our website (  and work with us section. It is vital for the group of artisans for Mzuribeads to grow and continue. 

Lets continue to make that impact and change! 


To generate a sustainable income by offering our customers an exciting range of top quality, fashionable and ethical products.

To promote and sustain cooperative values, upholding equality and transparency. 

To encourage community involvement in grassroots projects. Investing in local communities to maximise impact.

To provide social, learning and training opportunities, creating a community hub where individuals and groups can express themselves.

To generate employment and other opportunities.

To launch as a high-end jewellery company, focusing on African elements. Inspiring people and promoting art and culture.

To develop the company brand/image using websites, social media and other platforms. 

To enhance our Marketing campaign, establishing more customers and networks.

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