Saturday, August 29, 2015

FULL MOON - An Imaginative Bead Poem

I was a little stuck with my blog this week, so I have decided to write quite freely
...So here you have it.

An Imaginative Bead Poem by Kirstie MacLean Kalonji 


In Ndejje the lights are dim, a lady can see things
Is that a bead?
...dancing in front of the moon and stars
A bead with expression?
Precious, inspiring... powerful

She thinks...did I rolled out this character?
Today.. when the children played, the men laid bricks, and babies cried.
Did I rolled out this traveler? Zitume.
The one who will visit homes afar.
For the hands of those who adore the natural type
The types that dance in front of moons and stars
..for they are unique, made with care and from the good stuff.

A glossy printed poster, made to attract and sell
... for a fleeting weekend
But now will dance for many moons

For I have rolled it out 
...a beautiful bead intelligent bead 
...a Mzuribead

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