Friday, August 7, 2015

The hustle of a bead order in Ndejje.

The hustle of a bead order in Ndejje...

Edith, the team leader in Ndejje, gets a new bead order, she travels either by foot or by boda boda to the local internet cafe to print the order forms. The rain makes the volcanic dust a mud bath. the bodas skid and slide but skillfully navigate the paths and potholes.

Edith then contacts the 5 other artisans to arrange a meeting at her home where Mzuri hire a small workshop space. In the meeting, they discuss the order, who will do what, and make sure the order is split even between the members. Mzuri pay the artisans for a agreed price for each product they make and so they know what they are receiving. The cooperative agrees the set prices.

Edith then goes to the city, collect the money sent from Mzuri Uk and buys the materials needed. paper, varnish, bark cloth, etc, see youtube video of dying the barkcloth;

The artians work in their own time and at their own speed. Edith is responsible for quality control and to complete the order in a agreed timescale. The artisans get their wages when the products are ready.The products are then pack according to requirements and sent to the customer by international courier.
Edith, who recieves a team leaders wage also completes the expences and makes sure everything is accounted for. We use Skype and telephone to communicate. Any profit from the order Mzuri UK , uses it to invest in Uganda. Buying a new computer or setting up internet connections for the artisans are good examples.

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