Saturday, September 19, 2015

Proud to be Part of the Ethical Fashion Revolution

Proud to be Part of the Ethical Fashion Revolution

I think I can probably speak for everyone when I say, none of us wants to be wearing clothes and accessories made by children in sweatshops; or in factories where workers risk their lives everyday due to poor health and safety standards as a result of greedy owners or retailers cutting corners to save money and line their own pockets; or where the cotton farming or production process is wreaking havoc on our environment and endangering the lives of the communities living nearby. But in today's fashion industry, these unethical practices are prolific, and when we buy products on the high street, we are given so little information about where our purchases have come from, that the chances are we are unwittingly making purchases that support these practices. 

In recent years, an ethical fashion movement has emerged. This has led to a wave of ethical fashion brands offering consumers products that have been made by workers who are paid fairly and who work in safe and healthy working environments; and in a way that is sensitive to the environment and minimises environmental footprint in the production, packaging and transportation of goods.

At Mzuribeads, we are proud to be part of this ethical fashion revolution. Designers using our beads in their creations have chosen a bead that is ethical and life changing to the women who make them. The Mzuribeads co-operative of Ugandan women are running their own social enterprise to build a sustainable income that is transforming their lives and helping them to move out of poverty. Through this business model, our Artisans feel empowered, which brings with it huge psychological benefits. And by making our beads from recycled materials - recycled paper, recycled glass, and cowhorn (which is a by-product of the meat industry) - and natural materials - banana leaf and barkcloth, our beads have a very small environmental footprint too. 

If you're a designer looking for fabulous, yet ethical beads for your next creations, why not give Mzuribeads a try. You won't be disappointed!


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