Friday, October 9, 2015

the home of the banana

Mzuribeads...the home of the banana leaf bead

Bananas do not grow from seeds but from bulbs and it takes between 9 to 12 months from planting to harvesting.

They dont have a havesting season

Banana's are grown in tropical regions like Uganda and Ndejje where the Mzuribeads artisans live.

The banana is a edible fruit, as most people know, and they grow in bunches. Mostly people in the UK are aware of the yellow, soft, sweet dessert banana. In Uganda, a different variety of banana is mostly grown. Plantains are harvested when green, firm and more starchier. The local name of this food in Uganda is called Matoke.

Matoke is peeled plantain, either boiled or softened in the oven. They are then usually mashed or used in stews.

In Uganda, the matoke is often cooked or steamed rapped in banana leaves

The banana leaf is very important in Ugandan cooking as it gives so much flavour to the Matoke or meat that is cooking.

So how can the natural little oval beads come from the leaf? They are rolled from actual dried banana leaves and weaved and varnished for a smooth and professional finish.

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