Thursday, November 5, 2015

Matatu for Dummies (part 2)

Helloo!! This is me again Eleni at Mzuribeads, coming back with my next four and last lessons I learned in last year's December during my trip to Uganda in Entebbe. If you haven't read the first three or want to enjoy reading it altogether, do scroll down and visit my previous post in September the 10th.


Lesson no 4
The Tetris effect. Matatu is not just a money value local transportation. It's also fun! If your seated in one of the front or middle seating, at any point the person(s) behind you or next to you will want to get out. So, you and anyone else who block their exit will have to get out at the next stop, let them out and get back in. Now! You need to quickly develop your strategy! There are only few seats situated in the 3 corners of the vehicle and by the window on the driver's side that don't block anyone's seat! Are you fast enough to get one of those for the rest of your trip? Are you bold enough to challenge your luck?

Lesson no 5
Information processing. For the matatu experience, information processing is very important! Who do I pay the fare to? Oh! He must be the conductor! I'll give it to him. (I gave him a big note and I'm getting my change at the end of my ride, after everyone else got theirs. Anxiety over). Where am I? Where am I going? How do I tell that's my stop? No idea! Thank luck, Angus knows. No, no, no I'm not ready for my first trip on the matatu by myself..Oh my gosh!! Are these storks?! Babies must weigh way too much here! Hmm...I kinda like these clothes boutiques along the side of the road. If my clothes weren't merging in with my skin from the sweat, I might have tried something on sometime. Traffic...okay, that's the same everywhere. Let's moan. What!? Am I getting off here? Like now? Oh okay okay, thanks!

Lesson no 6
Reunite with your body's moving parts. When you get out of the matatu is not just the relief that you reached the right destination. It's not just the first deep yoga breath that you take in. It's not just stretching your legs and arms in a sun salutation. It's an experience to not brush off quickly but take a short moment to cherish and appreciate in every bit of your bodily and mind experiencing. 

Lesson no 7 and last
A scope for return. If you're contemplating re-attempting taking the matatu, do it! Yes, it will

challenge your senses, your personal space availability, your stereotypes and your culture conditioned attitudes. But! It will be fun and it can inspire you to blog! And like many other things can master it!

I hope you you enjoyed reading and learning Ugandan every day life basics with me and you got your curiosity awaken! 

As very wisely put by the ancient philosopher, I learn as I age! 

Until the next blog,


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