Saturday, December 5, 2015

Get inspired by Mzuribeads on your next creations!!!

Think Mzuribeads 
Think Colours, Forms, Sizes and Textures!

It's early December and the weather in Edinburgh has reached its proper winter looks! 
With Christmas round the corner, I see many of you are looking at your stash of Mzuribeads to make your special handmade gifts for your loved ones. So I thought why not share a few ideas on how to use these amazing super hybrid beads and get the inspiration going! 

First rule. There is no rules on how to use your Mzuribeads. Really, sky and your imagination is the limit and I'm hoping some of you who are reading this blog to surprise and impress us with your creations and start posting them on our Facebook Mzuribeads making jewellery  group.

Second rule. Go mental with colours, shapes, volumes, forms, combos and textures!
Really with Mzuribeads you can create a million and 1 styles just by picking and trying different combinations of all the different colour, size, shape, texture beads. 

Many times I got comments that my recycled paper bead necklace looked like ceramic beads! 
Recycled paper beads have got a shiny and smooth finish due to years of quality control that we in Mzuribeads think takes our beads to the next level. At the same time they are classic and so deliciously colourful that there is no piece of jewellery they don't fit in. Plus, Mzuribeads has developed seven (7!!!) sizes from short to long and slim, small round to large, to larger and chunkier; really you can't go wrong. You can use them in your creation as the main body and colour theme or they can feature as a sneaky peek or you can mix them with other textures and shapes, according to your taste. 

The barkcloth bead will bring a very earthy feel to your creations. They are very tangible and warm. 
As a beginner in beading, it took me a while to warm to them as I felt threatened by their size. But once I went barkcloth I never went back. 
The large barkcloth beads are an absolute statement and they are ideal for big and bold creations! I just love them! The smaller sizes are fantastic to mix with paper or cow horn for earrings or smaller pieces as they bring that colour and texture balance and you just won't find them elsewhere! 

What can I say about the cow horn bead. 
The cow horn beads are Vincent's babies (see previous blog on Vincent's work and our visit in Uganda) and we take great pride in them. 


They are shiny and tough, they are hand-selected, hand-cut and hand-polished; unique from the moment they are naturally created as a "single cow's horn" to the moment they arrive to your post box. 
At the moment we have about twelve different sizes and shapes to choose from and they are going to be one of the most elegant yet curious features on your jewellery! Warning: people like to "feel" them in their hands so get prepared to be asked a lot!

The banana leaf bead is what we call 
"the epitome of green!"
Because it probably IS the least processed bead of all; comes straight off the tree, dries through the season in the wind and atmosphere oxygen, then hand-cut and hand-rolled in three different sizes. You can read Angus' blog on the importance of banana in Ugandan nutrition and cuisine on the "home of the banana"
It works beautifully in a small and elegant bracelet or as a discrete ending on the edges of your necklace or earrings. No matter how you use the banana leaf, one thing to remember, you can't go greener than this!

Last but not least, the glass beads. 
Who said you only recycle glass in the factory? Mzuribeads recycle local glass waste into beads of various shapes and colours -as many as the coloured glass bottles you find in the recycle- light and dark blue, green, transparent white, sand and brown. You can go creative with these from stunning summer creations with turquoise blues or deeper winter themed necklaces. Think contrast is the key!

And as a last tip, also know that Mzuribeads are highly social which means...
...they love to MINGLE! 
Put them together with the rest of your bead collection, ceramics, wood, wool, new materials, mix them up and try them out. They'll do fantastic in your pluralistic and diverse creations as well as on their own, if you just only give them a chance!
Happy beading! :)


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